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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 





CLASS OF 2008 




Tulane University | 1 

Dear classmates, 



It's hard to believe that four years have gone by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that we gathered in 
the Radisson auditorium, donned our white coats for the first time, and announced why we chose to become 
physicians. Brought together from diverse backgrounds, we developed friendships, adjusted to the workload, and 
survived our first rite of passage — anatomy lab. It was during this year that we discovered the true meaning of 
the phrase "work hard, play hard," and fell in love with the laissez-faire attitude of New Orleans and the Tulane 
community. Who could foresee the challenges that lay ahead? 

After only three weeks of second year, we suddenly found ourselves displaced throughout the country, uncertain 
of our fate. Yet, the strength of the Tulane community withstood the test of nature, and thanks to the hospitality 
of Baylor College of Medicine, we relocated to Houston and began anew. Though we missed the culture of 
New Orleans, and yearned to participate in the rebuilding efforts, we preserved the spirit of the Big Easy while 
acclimating to life in Texas. Needless to say, we were all extremely enthusiastic about returning to New Orleans 
to finally put our knowledge to use on the wards. The next year and a half was a blur of rounding, pimping, 
studying, and interviewing, before we reached the pinnacle of medical school and celebrated the "most expensive 
vacation of our lives." 

The time for us to take on the responsibilities associated with the title "doctor" has arrived. From this day 
forwards, there will be no more preceptors, no more shadowing, no more cosigned notes. We assume this role 
with confidence and recognize that none of us is "the imposter." We trained at one of the greatest medical 
institutions in the country and survived a natural disaster of epic proportions. Our resolve has been tested. Our 
dedication to medicine has been challenged. But we have persevered and we are stronger because of the trials 
we have overcome. We are passionate about our chosen path, and no form of adversity can prevent us from 
assuming our role as healers. We will carry the spirit of Tulane with us throughout our careers. 

Congratulations. Good luck with all of your future endeavors. We hope that one day we will once again head 
to the Quarter, reminisce about old times and share stories of the things we have done, while sipping on New 
Orleans' most beloved cocktail — the hurricane. 

"Laissez les bons temps rouler!" 
Jim and Ari, Yearbook Editors 

2 I Tulane University 

Tulane University Medical Center 


Office of Admissions SL67 

1430 Tulane Avenue 

New Orleans, Louisiana 701 12-2699 

(504) 588-5187 Fax: (504) 988-6735 

October 30, 2003 

Dear Class of 2008, 

I take great pleasure in informing you of your appointment to the first-year medical class at the 
Tulane University School of Medicine, to enter in August of 2004. 1 sincerely hope that you will 
accept our invitation to take your medical training at Tulane and look forward to having you join us. 

In order to reserve your place in the class, we must receive, within the next two weeks, written 
notification of your intent to accept our invitation. At anytime between now and May 1 5, 2004, we 
must receive a check, payable to the Tulane Educational Fund, in the amount of $500; this deposit 
will be credited against your first tuition billing. Please understand this deposit is non-refiindable and 
should indicate your final decision to attend Tulane University School of Medicine. We ask that 
should you decide not to attend Tulane, you inform us in writing so that we can maintain an accurate 
accounting of our class. 

I am sure you will understand that your appointment is contingent upon successful completion of the 
academic program in which you are currently enrolled, and maintenance of the level of academic 
performance that was part of the basis for your acceptance. A final transcript of your grades must be 
forwarded to this office as soon as your school year ends. 

You will be receiving additional information concerning summer programs, combined-degree 
programs, and other topics of interest as the year progresses. I and others at the medical school will 
try to keep you well informed of all important or interesting topics. 

On behalf of the students, faculty, and administration at Tulane, I bid you a most enthusiastic 
welcome. If I can be of service to you in any way, please feel free to call upon me. 

Sincerely yours, 

Joseph C. Pisano, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean 


Tulane University | 3 


I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea 
and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses, that, according to my ability 
and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract: 

To hold him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to be 
a partner in life with him, and to fulfill his needs when required; to look 
upon his offspring as equals to my own siblings, and to teach them this art, if 
they shall wish to learn it, without fee or contract; and that by the set rules, 
lectures, and every other mode of instruction, 1 will impart a knowledge of 
the art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to students bound by 
this contract and having sworn this Oath to the law of medicine, but to no 

I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according 
to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to 

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a 
plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion. 

In purity and according to divine law will I carry out my life and my art. 

I will not use the knife, even upon those suffering from stones, but I will 
leave this to those who are trained in this craft. 

Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding 
any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption, including the seduction of 
women or men, whether they are free men or slaves. 

Whatever I see or hear in the lives of my patients, whether in connection with 
my professional practice or not, which ought not to be spoken of outside, I 
will keep secret, as considering all such things to be private. 

So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be 
granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the 
respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and 
violate it, may the opposite be my fate. 

4 I Tulane University 

Tulone University | 5 

6 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 7 

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8 I Tulane University 

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Tulane University | 9 

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10 I Tulane University 

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Tulane University | 11 

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12 I Tulane University 

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Tulane University | 13 

■Halbmen ^00^ 

14 I Tulane University 

MbiAjeen ^OO^ 

Tulane University | 15 

M(&^een ^OO^ 

16 I Tulane University 

'Ha((0iAjeen ^OO^^ 

Tulane University | XI 

M-Q((0iAjeein ^OOip ^ ^007 

18 I Tulane University 

-^alicL^^en ^OO^ ^ ^007 

Tulane University | 19 

MloiAJeen -^OOlp ^ ^007 

20 I Tulane University 

M(&i^een -^OOlp ^ ^007 

Tulane University | 21 

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11 I Tulane University 

1^0 V Toirl-y 

Tulane University | 23 

^aifJi ^}ra4 ^00^ 

24 I Tulane University 

^aifJi i^ifO'^ ^OO^ 

Tulane University | 25 

^AairJi i:^iro4 ^OOi^ 

26 I Tulane University 

C^aiAj^i^fi p0i( 

Tulane University | 27 

Ai W/ ^/^^ ^oo^ 

^^^H^ -'^^^K 

> ^^^^^B ^--'•^ ^F ^^^^^^^^^H 

L ^-V ,'^H 


l^^BS)^8-^iw^^^^^^B%^ t^^i 

■^ l^^H^^HI 


28 I Tulone University 

^OifJi {^i^O'^ ^OOlp 

Tulane University | 29 

^a^Ji {^ira^ -^007 

30 I Tulane University 

^OfJi ^/^^ -^007 

Tulane University | 31 

fAaJi l^ira'^ ^007 

32 I Tulane University 

•foit^ fe^f 

Tulane University | 33 

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34 I Tulane University 

lAbJJina^ ^ ^lifh'^ 

Tulane University | 35 

<^yO//W f ^/W ^00^ 

36 I Tulane University 

^pifi^O' fe>ir^*\Ci( '^OO^ 

Tulane University | 37 

'^pnno' f(;iirMa( -^OO'y 

38 I Tulane University 

^jDlfjn^ fffffmal ^OOdp 

Tulane University | 39 

'^pifii^a' ^&ir^ol ^OOdp 

40 I Tulane University 

'^ptrlnO' f&ifMol ^OOli? 

Tulane University | 41 

^■pn/\a^ f&if^cil ^OOlip 

42 I Tulone University 

^p^ina- f&if^ol ^OOl^ 

Tulane University | 43 

^piriiaO' f£)ifM( -^007 

Tulane University 

^pffina- f0ff^al ^007 

Tulane University | 45 

^/. Tahi^k''^ Vay 


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'^; ,7';'-' ■ ! ■. J 

^^BBk "^^1 





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'I*/ if*.- i5 

■'V K'\*. 

46 I Tulane University 

^h Tahi^k!'^ Vay 

Tulane University | 47 

'The f <r^^^/ iS^uaifWtf 

Tulane University 

Ty^^ 7^/^/^^/ ^uo^w^ 

Tulane University | 49 



50 I Tulane University 






-■ .?X>.>:-^^""i ^-JmJB^^^^B 

Tulone University | 51 

/M(?^/ Vay 

52 I Tulane University 

A^^/^/ Voy 

Tulane University | 53 

/^ahfi ^e'^ulh 

Natasha Afonso 


NYP Hospital 

Weill Cornell Medical Center 

New York, New York 

Daniel Anderson 

Medicine Preliminary' 

Ochsner Clinic Foundation 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Erik Anderson 

Medicine Preliminary 

Boston University Med. Center 
Boston, Massachusetts 


Brigham & Womens Hospital 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Jesse Bandle 


Naval Medical Center 
Portsmouth, Virginia 

Sarah Banner 


Univ. of Washington Affiliated 


Seattle, Washington 

Jeffrey Barrett 

Family Medicine 

Oregon Health & Science 


Portland, Oregon 

Brad Bawcom 

PGl Internal Medicine 


San Antonio, Texas 


San Antonio, Texas 

Thomas Bice 

Internal Medicine 

Mayo School of Graduate 
Medical Education 
Rochester, Minnesota 

Emily Birdsall 

Family Medicine 

Univ. of Utah Affiliated Hosp. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Christopher Bonzon 

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 
Univ. of N. Carolina Hospitals 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Laura Borchert 

Emergency Medicine 

Yale - New Haven Hospital 
New Haven, Connecticut 

Kimberly Boswell 

Emergency Medicine 

Univ. of Maryland Med. Center 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Brian Brennan 


Dwight D. Eisenhower Army 

Medical Center 

Ft. Gordon, Georgia 

Timothy Brennan 

Internal Medicine 

Georgetown University Hosp. 
Washington, DC 

Lauren Brian 

Internal Medicine 

Wake Forest Baptist Med. Center 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Susan Brim 

Emergency Medicine 
UC San Francisco 
San Francisco, California 

Robert Bruce 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of South Alabama 
Mobile, Alabama 

Chevelle Brudey 

Medicine - Psychiatry 

Emory Univ. School of Medicine 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Tshawnda Burke 


Naval Medical Center 
San Diego, California 

Irene Caillouet 

General Surgery 

Virginia Commonwealth 
Univ. Health Systems 
Richmond, Virginia 

Robert Carruthers 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Massachusetts General Hospital 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Massachusetts General Hospital 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Wendy Chang 

Obstetrics - Gynecology 

Univ. of Illinois College of Medicine 
Chicago, Illinois 

Meaghan Combs 

Family Medicine 

Univ. of Wisconsin Sch. of Medicine 
Madison, Wisconsin 

Mollie Dahlgren 

Internal Medicine 

Massachusetts General Hosp. 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Aladino De Ranieri 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Rush University Medical Center 
Chicago, Illinois 

Annelies De Wulf 

Emergency Medicine 
LSU School of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Jeffrey Delia Volpe 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Austin DeRosa 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Emory Univ. School of Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Emory Univ. School of Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Melissa DeVito 

General Surgery 

Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Craig DiTommaso 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

New Orleans, Louisiana 
Physical Medicine &. Rehabilitation 

Baylor College of Medicine 

Houston, Texas 

David Ecker 

Internal Medicine 
NYU School of Medicine 
New York, New York 

Meryle Eklund 
Radiology - Preliminary 

Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 
Radiology - Diagnostic 

Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Kyle Fargen 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Univ. of Florida College of Medicine 

Gainesville, Florida 

Univ. of Florida College of Medicine 

Gainesville, Florida 

Dana Faw 

Internal Medicine 

UC Irvine Medical Center 
Orange, California 

Christopher Federico 

Obstetrics - Gynecology 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Elisabeth Ferlic 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Mayo Clinic - Scottsdale 

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Mayo Clinic - Scottsdale 

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Kimberly Fischer 


National Naval Med. Center 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Jordan Fishman 

General Surgery 

UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical 


Newark, New Jersey 

Lisa Fox 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of Minnesota Medical Sch. 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Alessandrina Freitas 

General Surgery 

Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
Atlanta, Georgia 

54 I Tulane University 

^Aa{'^^^ J^e'^t^ih 


Christopher Fritzsche 


Univ. ot North CaroUna Hosp. 
Chapol Hill, North Carolina 

Thomas Gage 


Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Center 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Shane Gaihishas 


Univ. ot Wisconsin Hosp. &. Clinic 
Madison, Wisconsin 

Jennifer Galjour 

Emergency Medicine 
Mt. Sinai Hospital 
New York, New York 

Deirdre Garry 


Univ. of Chicago Med. Center 
Chicago, Illinois 

Misty Ghere 

General Surgery 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

James Giddings 

Emergency Medicine 

Univ. of Connecticut Health Center 
Hartford, Connecticut 

Amanda Goertz 

Family Medicine 

AUina Family Medicine 
Residency Program 
St. Paul, Minnesota 

Mark Goldstein 

Emergency Medicine 
Johns Hopkins Hospital 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Britt Gonsoulin 


Univ. of Washington 
AffiUated Hospitals 
Seattle, Washington 

John GonsouHn 


Univ. of Washington 
Affiliated Hospitals 
Seattle, Washington 

Amy Gordon 

Inlernal Medicine 

Northwestern McCaw/NMH/VA 
Chicago, Illinois 

Meisha Graham 


Univ. ot Tennessee College of 


Memphis, Tennessee 

Joseph Gresens 

Internal Medicine 

Naval Medical Center 
Portsmouth, Virginia 

Astrid Gutierrez - Zepeda 


Univ. of Tennessee College of 


Memphis, Tennessee 

Lauren Haddad 


Univ. of Tennessee College of 


Memphis, Tennessee 

Heather Halton 

Emergency Medicine 
LSU School of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Charlene Hauser 

General Surgery 

Eastern Virginia Med. School 
Norfolk, Virginia 

Henry Hefler 

Internal Medicine 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Sara Helmig 


Univ. ot Texas Southwestern 
Medical School 
Dallas, Texas 

Wayne Homan 


National Naval Med. Center 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Benjamin Jabara 


Madigan Army Med. Center 
Tacoma, Washington 

Elizabeth Jensen 


Tulane Univ. Sch. ot Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Jonathan Joliat 

Internal Medicine 

William Beaumont Hospital 
Royal Oak, Michigan 

Catherine Jones 

Family Medicine 

Univ. of New Mexico School 
of Medicine 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Ty Jones 


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical 


Boston, Massachusetts 

Michael Brian Kelly 

NYU School of Medicine 
New York, New York 

Michael James Kelly 


Dwight D. Eisenhower Army 

Med. Center 

Ft. Gordon, Georgia 

Medical College of Georgia 

Augusta, Georgia 

Raj Keriwala 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of Texas Southwestern 
Medical School 
Dallas, Texas 

Kyu Chan Kim 

Internal Medicine 

Temple University Hospital 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Laura Kiszkiel 

Obstetrics - Gynecology 
Univ. of Florida College of 
Gainesville, Florida 

Daniel Kravitz 


Carilion Clinic 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mayo School of Graduate 

Medical Education 

Rochester, Minnesota 

Anna Lara 


Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Diego Lara 


Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Ravinder Legha 


St. Vincent's Hospital 

New York, New York 
Radiology - Diagnostic 

Univ. of Texas - Houston 

Houston, Texas 

Ariane Lewis 


NYP Hospital - Weill Cornell 
Medical Center 
New York, New York 

Christine Lin 


Univ. of Florida College of 


Gainesville, Florida 

Joshua Linnell 

Surgery - Plastic Surgery 

Univ. of Kansas Sch. of Medicine 
Kansas City, Kansas 

Jenelle Little 


Mercer Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
Savannah, Georgia 

Rachel Littrell 

Emergency Medicine 
LSU School of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Gerald Liu 

Surgery- - Preliminary 

William Beaumont Hospital 
Royal Oak, Michigan 

Marlow Macht 

Emergency Medicine 

Denver Health Med. Center 
Denver, Colorado 

Priya Mahajan 


Children's Hospital - Orange County 
Orange, California 

Tulane University | 55 

/M(?^/ J^e^ulh 

Anjali Malik 

Radiology - Diagnostic 

Univ. of Texas Southwestern 
Medical School 
Dallas, Texas 

Nitin Mariwalla 

Surgery' - Preliminary 

Emory' Univ. Sch. ot Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 

John Marker 

Internal Medicine 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Richard Marshall 

Radiology - Diagnostic 

Ochsner Clinic Foundation 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Angela McCormick 

Emergency Medicine 

Resurrection Medical Center 
Chicago, Illinois 

Mary McDonald 


Thomas Jefferson University 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Nikol McDonald 

Obstetrics - Gynecology 
St. John Hospital 
Detroit, Michigan 

Jennifer Meyer 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of Tennessee College of 


Memphis, Tennessee 

David Miller 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of Chicago Med. Center 
Chicago, Illinois 

Angel Mister 

Family Medicine 

Jackson - Madison County 
General Hospital 
Jackson, Tennessee 

Christian Montegut 

Family Medicine 

East Jefferson General Hosp. 
Metairie, Louisiana 

Robert Moore 

Emergency Medicine 

Christus Spohn Memorial Hosp. 
Corpus Christi, Texas 

Peter Moulder 

Internal Medicine 

Temple University Hospital 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Diana Moustoukas 


Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Daniel Murariu 

General Surgery' 
Univ. of Hawaii 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Lee Nakamura 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

New Orleans, Louisiana 
Radiology - Diagnostic 

Univ. of Texas Med. Branch 

Galveston, Texas 

Kimberly Neathamer 

Obstetrics - Gynecology 

Earl K. Long Med. Center Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana 

Quan Nguyen 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Kaiser Permanente 

Oakland, California 
Radiology - Diagnostic 

SUNY Health Science Center 

Brooklyn, New York 

Torrence Nicholson 

Family Medicine 

UAB/Selma Family Medicine 
Residency Program 
Selma, Alabama 

Sepehr Oliaei 


UC Irvine Medical Center 
Orange, California 

Phillip Parry 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 


Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Philip Patten 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Pedro Paz 


UC Irvine Medical Center 
Orange, California 

Brian Peterson 


Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Michael Prejean 


Ochsner Clinic Foundation 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Vijay Raja 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of Texas Southwestern 
Medical School 
Dallas, Texas 

Zakir Rangwala 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Santa Barbara Cottage Hosp. 

Santa Barbara, California 

UC San Diego Med. Center 

San Diego, California 

Jeffrey Ratusznik 

Surgery - Preliminary 
Univ. of Missouri 
Columbia, Missouri 

Jeffrey Rau 

General Surgery 

LSU School of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Michael Reader 

General Surgery 

Univ. of Florida College of 


Jacksonville, Florida 

Sara Reader 

Emergency Medicine 

Univ. of Florida College of 


Jacksonville, Florida 

Dorian Reid 


Univ. of Missouri - Kansas City 
Kansas City, Missouri 

Jeannie Rhee 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Univ. of Illinois College of 


Chicago, Illinois 

Univ. of Illinois College of 


Chicago, Illinois 

Paul Richard 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 


Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Bryan Rimel 

Internal Medicine 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

John Roberts 


Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Matthew Rose 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Univ. of Texas - Houston 

Houston, Texas 
Radiology - Diagnostic 

Baylor College of Medicine 

Houston, Texas 

Anna Rosenbaum 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Univ. of Maryland Med. Center 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Univ. of Maryland Med. Center 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Lipi Roy 

Internal Medicine 

Duke University Hospital 
Durham, North Carolina 

Kaveh Sadigh 

Internal Medicine 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Amanda Sampey 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 

Atlanta, Georgia 

56 I Tulane University 

i^ohf^ J^&^Oilh 


John Scales 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Univ. ot Florida College ot 


Gainesville, Florida 
Radiiilogy - Diagnostic 

Univ. ot Florida College ot 


Gainesville, Florida 

Andrew Schutzbank 

Internal Medicine 

Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Center 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Andrew Sholl 


Univ. of Colorado School of 
Medicine - Denver 
Denver, Colorado 

Lindsay Sikora 

Jackson Memorial Hospital 
Miami, Florida 

Scott Simpson 


Emory Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Rebecca Sjostrom 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Univ. of Colorado School of 
Medicine - Denver 
Denver, Colorado 

Brian Stewart 


Univ. ot Texas Medical 
School - Houston 
Houston, Texas 

Chrsitopher Sugalski 

Surgery - Preliminary 

Brooke Army Medical Center 
San Antonio, Texas 

Melissa Sugar 

Internal Medicine 

Univ. of Utah Affiliated Hosp. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

John Sullivan 

Emergency Medicine 

Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Scott Tanaka 


Atlanta Medical Center 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Andrew Tarleton 

Orthopaedics Surgery 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Michael Tees 

Internal Medicine 
NYU School of Medicine 
New York, New York 

Ajay Tejwani 

Lemuel Shatcuck Hospital 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 
Radiation Oncology 

NY Methodist Hospital 

Brooklyn, New York 

Raleigh Todman 

Emergency Medicine 

Hosp. of the Univ. of Pennsylvania 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Diane Trieu 

Medicine - Preliminary 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Scott Tucker 


Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Robert Turelli 

Emergency Medicine 

Yale - New Haven Hospital 
New Haven, Connecticut 

Beryle Van Anda 

Family Medicine 

Mountain Area Health 
Education Center 
Asheville, North Carolina 

Alfred Vichot 

Internal Medicine 

Tulane Univ. Sch. ot Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Gregory Vidal 

Internal Medicine 

Stanford University Programs 
Palo Alto, California 

Kevin Wellen 


Vanderhilt Univ. Med. Center 
Nashville, Tennessee 

Laura Westerfield 

Family Medicine 

Univ. of Alabama School 
of Medicine - Huntsville 
Huntsville, Alabama 

Seamus Whelton 

Internal Medicine 

Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicine 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Ray Worthy 


Med. College of S. Carolina 
Charleston, South Carolina 

Edwin Wu 

Emergency Medicine 
Mt. Sinai Hospital 
New York, New York 

Steven Yevich 

Medicine - Preliminary 

UC San Diego Med. Center 

San Diego, California 
Radiology - Diagnostic 

Baylor College of Medicine 

Houston, Texas 

Briana Zachary 

Medicine - Primary' 

Virginia Mason Med. Center 
Seattle, Washington 

Tulane University | 57 



Lauren Brian 

Susan Brim 

Chevelle Brudey 

Robert Carruthers 

MoUie Dahlgren 

Melissa DeVito 

Annelies DeWulf 

Meryle Eklund 

Misty EUiott'Ghere 

Kyle Fargen 

Drina Freitas 

Shane Gailushas 

Jennifer Galjour 

Britt Gonsoulin 

Elizabeth Jensen 

Daniel Kravitz 

Diego Lara 

Joshua Linnell 

Anjali Malik 

David Miller 

Diana Moustoukas 

Lee Nakamura 

Sepehr Oliaei 

Matthew Rose 

Andrew Schutzbank 

Andrew Tarleton 

Gold Humanism in 
Medicine Society 

Jeffrey Barrett 

Emily Birdsall 

Christopher Bonzon 

Susan Brim 

Irene Caillouet 

Robert Carruthers 

Meaghan Combs 

Melissa DeVito 

David Ecker 

Dana Faw 

Drina Freitas 

Britt Gonsoulin 

John Gonsoulin 

Amy Gordon 

Meisha Graham 

Catherine Jones 

Michael Brian Kelly 

Laura Kiszkiel 

Anna Lara 

Lee Nakamura 

Torrence Nicholson 

Vijay Raja 

Sara Reader 

Jeannie Rhee 

Lipi Roy 

Scott Simpson 

Andrew Tarleton 

Alfred Vichot 

58 I Tulane University 

CUM^ offic-^j^^ 



Proven leadership. Proven ability. Proven Photoshop skillz. 

Tulane SOM Class of 2008 Officers 
Scott "Hannibal" Simpson, President 
Amy "Allen" Gordon, Vice-President 

Vijay "Face" Raja, Treasurer 
Jim "Murdock" Giddings, Secretary 

Tulane University | 59 

-^d^inl^hciuO^ On 

Benjamin Sachs, M.D., FACP 

Senior Vice President and Interim Dean 

Mark Kahn, M.D. 

Senior Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs 

Ernest Sneed, M.D. 

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

N. Kevin Krane, M.D., FACP 

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs 

Barbara Beckman, Ph.D. 

Assistant Dean for Admissions 

Rondel Frank, M.A. 

Director and Registrar 

60 I Tulane University 

Ad^ii^i'^hou&n and 





Karen Joia 

Kim Melerine 

Melissa Riley 

Susanna Vargas 

Genean Matthieu 

Donald Owens, Ph.D 

Betty Burton 

Tulane University | 61 

^o^i^ ^(^ien(^e^ 

62 I Tulane University 

^0^1^ ^^ien^e^ 

Tulane University [ 63 

clinical ^(^ien(^e^ 

Family Medicine 

64 I Tulane University 

Ollnl^ol ^<^ien<:>e^ 

f, ■ ^ :■ i 

o4 ^ ^c^^ 

Tulane University | 65 

QreMPalU, VLraUwi 







j^» "■ 
^j ^ 

^" J^J 




^ I 

66 I Tulane University 

Erik Prewti9S Andersmt 

Bem/erton, Oregon 

Tulane University ] 67 

Je^e BoMxiU 

CdoYMO SpriM^S) CCfioYMO 

68 I Tulane University 

SaroA Hcrp£ BoMAwr 

Lcupmu lUoMxi, WaA4u4i^tcrK 






Tulane University | 69 

Jeffrey HoMiMtOK Barreit 

70 I Tulane University 

Brad AuMtcmx/ Bomx^&wl 

Lake CkoA'ies, LovU/UoAiA. 

Tulane University | 71 

72 I Tulane University 

EmMx/^ BlrcUaU 

Cut off, LaiAMiaMJi 

Tulane University | 73 

CkrUhrpM^^ Jeffrey Bowi^m 

cLax/toK, CaUforaJji 

74 I Tulane University 

LoMTO. Barcfvert 

Tulane University | 75 

Kmdrtrly aLUutk BasareU 

76 I Tulane University 

Bruui wUlumt Brefuum. 

West P&uvt, New York 

Tulane University | 77 

Tim/ftkj/ KotUier ByenM/m. 

^Ji,iP& me^ un^y(Hi/p& ima^uu/^^ 

78 I Tulane University 

Su6aK Ni/coie BrUvi 

Tulane University | 79 

Ckti/Me SahrUui H. BriuLey 

?ortmixrwtk, V&vwLmai 

80 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 81 

7^ Ks/in, he he'^l' i^al'^l\ I've eveg- ^Je, 

7^ ^013^10, Ijffr htahreninO' m/ Z/^^, allAJQy^. 

'T0 M&M and Jad, ^^/ wcn^l^ina- ^e r/^ value oL a l^aird day ^ MOirk, 

^(pif ^^i>^^ ^^ h^ LireeaG^y^ h ^I^O'^e m/ difea^r\, 

^sur airmn^^e t^iH he '^henafl^ h rake &ia anyr^ln^, 

ana L0tr y&uir hue hur huah (0ve. 

7^ ^y ofandMheif, jjff^ a(iAjay4 ifeMndinO' m^ haf eveml^lna- 1 Man: 

/^ lAJlhin My ireat^k. 

82 I Tulone University 

K.oh-ert LoMtawt Carrutker^ 

VoAixmurer, Byvtwk CcdAUiiybici 

Tulane University ] 83 

WmAy Wal CkoAta 

Ctrritcrs, CaUfoTKid 

84 I Tulane University 


Ckaroon TcrwwUilp, Okio 

Tulane University | 85 

MaiUe Ni/coie Vakiaren 

SMvta. Mcnucd, California. 

86 I Tulane University 

Hew OrLtoMA, LcmAMAAta 

Tulane University | 87 

88 I Tulane University 

Jeffrey VeWi Voip^ 

Tulane University | 89 

90 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 91 

pfvMfJokK Dors^Jr. 

92 I Tulane University 

VamAjoiui Eche^ 

LoA VtaoA) Nevada. 

Tulane University | 93 

MeryUjateivft EkUmA 

^ortmarwtk, Kkode IUamA 

94 I Tulane University 

Baton Kovtot, LoxAA^ioMA. 

Tulane University | 95 

96 I Tulone University 

DoMA Mlckeile faw 

Tulane University | 97 

98 I Tulane University 

KimJrtrU/ Moruuj flicker 

Tulane University | 99 

100 I Tulane University 

Lk^ Akm fox 

Eden ProAyne^ MUuiM(fta, 





Tulane University | 101 

Ate9S(Ut}n4i/i Marie PredtoA 

Movuvt Ve^KXTK, New York 

102 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 103 

Sfuute AdArew QoMaa/Uio/S 

Heien/i, AAowtoAiA. 

104 I Tulane University 

Jefuwfer Leiak Qaljaur 

New OrieoAiA, LovUsIoa^a. 

Tulane University | 105 

Dedrdre ltd Qarry 

106 I Tulane University 

JoMA^ 'R.oirevt CjiciciUias 

Westerly J Kkode ida^A 

Tulane University | 107 

108 I Tulane University 

Mark AcLoam. QoicUtmi 

Tulane University | 109 

BriitThemaAUi QoftMrwUK 

110 I Tulane University 

New OrieAMA, LovuMAAi^ 

Tulane University | 111 

Amy MkheUe QcnvoK 


[i " "'l^^ J'f^^^^H 


Bk, . ijB '^X^^^^^^^H 


112 I Tulane University 

Men^sAa. Kri^fhtK QrakAMi. 

HaUyciWt)d, PLorida. 

Tulane University | 113 

114 I Tulane University 

LoMA'efi Marie HoAAaA 

Tulane University | 115 

Heathen Lyfui Haiton 

Nerw OritoMA, Lovumama 

116 I Tulane University 

Tulane University ] 117 

New OyLeoMA, LcrwUloAiA. 

118 I Tulane University 

Lmma,; Ohio 

Tulane University | 119 

Waj/K£ frederick HeiMMiJr. 

WdcMj New York 




Pi-'-''--' ^ 

■'^^/m,. ■ 

■S ,. :...: ..-.;.. 

■ ■IpSI 





. iv 

Tulane ' 


™ HospitHi & Dtnlc: j 


J ' 1 


120 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 121 

EU'i^aJ^eik A (Ui Jensen. 


122 I Tulane University 

JcrHAtfuut MkJkoAjcfiiat 

Tulane University | 123 

Ty CLaytOKjOKes 

Covinxjton, WoAMMiaton 

]24 I Tulane University 

MkkaA Brum. KeUy 

SoAt BruKO; CaUfornia. 

Tulane University | 125 

Jeffers^rK City, MiMOwn 






Hk^- — ---4^ 


126 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 127 

Kyu CkoK KiMt 

128 I Tulane University 

LoAwa. Marie K^zhlei 






^ ^tfH 

1*^ if 

-V ■' 


\ :^ % 

Tulane University | 129 

130 I Tulane University 

AdM^ Kapleczek Lara. 

Tulane University 1 131 

DiecjO Ay-tvuro Lara. 

Baton K-Ovto-e, Louamama^ 

132 I Tulane University 







1 : 

I , 






Tulone University | 133 

Va&h Perry, New York 

134 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 135 

KoMAO^ city, KoM^o/S 

136 I Tulane University 

JmyeiU EcLm. LuttU 

Tulane University | 137 

Qeraid Liu 


138 I Tulane University 

MarUrw MaxJht 

Havd Kurtr, Oregon 

Tulane University | 139 

]40 I Tulane University 

AkJoU Malik 

Tulane University | 141 

JoivK Vevrlck Marker 

142 I Tulane University 

Kkkard Hewry MarUtaUjr. 

Hew OrieoMA, LovUsioMA. 

Tulane University 


Anxjeia. CnmJwU McCoriAuck 

144 I Tulane University 

Maryjcrs^ep4u4i£ McVanAlcL 

Tulane University | 145 

JenMAfer LyKM£ Meyer 

146 I Tulane University 

Ckri/fhtoK LyU Mowttauvt 

Tulane University | 147 

?ei:eir Vi4i£^efvt Mmdder TV 


148 I Tulane University 

VioMA. Nucaie MatutowkAS 

New O^LeumA, Lovumaaui 

Tulane University | 149 

VoAuei Murariu 

150 I Tulone University 

Lee Mayc4MU NakoymAwa. 

HowoiAdU) HoMmu 

Tulane University ] 151 

KiMvbtrU/ MaHd NtatkAMter 


152 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 153 

154 I Tulane University 

New OrLeAM/S, LouMioKO. 

Tulane University | 155 

Pedro FroMyCkco Pa.z 

156 I Tulane University 

Brum Wade Peirers^m 

Coral QaMeS) PUrnda. 

Tulane University | 157 

MkJkaA PryeoKjy. 


158 I Tulane University 


BtOAAMtowt, Texo/S 

^^^^T'-^vr.^' ' .'-. 





■ lH 



'' !■ 

^^Lvj ^'^^^^^^^^l 


i M 

^ft '^' il^^H 


t '^ 





Tulane University | 159 

160 I Tulane University 

Jeffrey JoxM? Kjohuzmk 

MarUie CUy, MkMiaaK 

Tulane University | 161 

Jejjrey Fyederkk Rau 



162 I Tulane University 

MkkaAMaurle Readerr 


<.■;.$> '' 

' J 

Tulone University | 163 

Sara. Vujyer KeAder 

164 I Tulane University 

Voruui Yt/txpute Keid 

Qu^etMA, Ntw York 

Tulane University | 165 

JeMUue Kkee 

166 I Tulane University 

PoaaI Ste^yfveK KkAarcL 

MoM/let/ilU^ LovU^ioAiJi 

Tulane University | 167 

Jaiui EdMAAAAtcL KohtYts III 

168 I Tulane University 










Tulane University | 169 

LUk Kay 

ToYOWto, OK^arLo 

170 I Tulane University 

KoA/ek ScuLiak 

Tulane University | 171 

Ai4uw}a. CuAiAldk SoMW^ 

Salt LaJce City, Utak 

172 I Tulane University 

Jak4i, Socrates Scales 

Tulane University | 173 

AaJA^ew Marc ScUutzboMk 




S^K?.. lal^H 



4. %. 


^' J 


jF"* f^'rVl 





" 'H 










^ "*' T 

■ 1/ 





L -* — 1 





- 1 







174 I Tulone University 

AnJrew Blake SkaU 

Tulane University | 175 

AruMdj CoioYMO 

176 I Tulane University 

Kei^ecca. AUvLey Sjovtr&ut 

KU/trton, Wy&i4UHj 

Tulane University | 177 

BrtoK DoAnd Steumrt 

178 I Tulane University 

JaivK Cu^rroM. SuiUuoK 111 

AAowta&mery, ALaI?aMiA. 

Tulane University | 179 

180 I Tuiane University 

MkkaA TUvufthx/ Tees 

Tulane University 


West SUrowJieid; MkJu^oK 

182 I Tulane University 

New York City, New York 



B^^K. _^ ^Vn^^^^^^^l 




KV. jKi 

■L-- ^^ ^^^ 



l^^l^^fl^^^. _^_ 



Tulane University | 183 

VLoAU NaoAi. TrUu 

Qreftaji, LcrwUioMA, 

184 I Tulane University 

ScaitAaArew Tucker 

old Sax/brcwk, C(mAi.t6tkMt 

Tulane University 


Alfred Arthur l/kkcfir 

New OrUoMA, L(Twki{UUi 

inve^ha^re ^y^mMon^ally onJ huly ail har <^^/^^^ i/nJe^ Hy oh- 


"t/^ oifeal'e'^l' a&eij y&u ^on cle> Le^^r a/\e>hey /V /lof pu^f h ^fiom 

heah he poheni' i^h h^ he Ji'^eo^e. " 


186 I Tulane University 

Qrtaory VuLai 

'Port^mxrwtk, VdmuUca. 

Tulane University | 187 

Kemn. AKtkony WeUeK 

SumA" LoAiA, TexM 

188 I Tulane University 

Tulane University 


New OritoMA, L(rwUi{Uui 

]90 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 191 

Bruui/i Lymi Xaxikary 

192 I Tulane University 

VmuA M(xvat>M. Anderuni 
Idaho PalU, idaJui 

VenkoMi. Sin'iiUjS, Loiaammui. 

Kaleujk, Ncrrtk CaroUiiA La. Cyme, Wiscmisiii 

RtntaM CarneUui McLerKtIm. Jr. DainA ALmi MiUev 

Marrero, LnUiioMA Smi FrMici-icc, CaLihriua. 

PluUp Park PaiteK BnaM CkrUhonker KimA 

Unim^dty PUce, WaMiUiataK Oxford, AlaJyuma. 

MeUfio. Claire VeVko 
CffUunMa., MarylMtd 

Catheiitie ElizaheiltJcn'L^ 
New OrleMU, Lmu-Uoita. 

Anaei Kcmtce MMer 

Anna. Kovenhaum. 
Las Anaeies, CalihrtUa. 

KAeUaa. V'lMMe Sumr 
Newburak, ludiiMta. 

Andrew Anifumy TarLeHm. Kahtrrt KudMpk TurelUjr. 
DenJuiui iM-uujs, Lnusiana. Ahm. Arhrr, MkkiaoM. 

Kffbe^t AKdrerw Brwce 
BatoK Kjmfe, LauUiaAta, 

StepheK Qerard ChM-krnneau 
Nortk KUiastmm, 'Rhode iUomA 

EcUvUL WlA, 
Tonmto, Ontario 

AiutdUs DeWulf 
ArUngtm., ViraUiia 

RAchd Lynn LUtreU 
BUu Spriiujs, Mksmri 

Raittrt Keitk Matrre 
Crestview, Florida. 

LiaJAoy AuaHk Sikora 
Brentwmd, Tefuu^es 

BayyU Let Va*i AnAa. 
Wesifieid, Newjtriey 

Niim RMkaruM- MariumUa. 
Oyiter Bay, New York 

VayUm. TayLor 
AbbemUe, Loiusiana. 


Christopher FeJ^rico 
Meiairie, LoiusioAiO. 

Nikjd Lei McDokoM 
Lafayette, Lom-UoAia 

Torrefice Barry Nkhotum. 
PUti'imrak, PenAuylvaMa. 

CkrMopher SiA^tdiki 
Cleveiand. Okie 

Ray Bonner Worthy 
MartinnnUe, ViraLnia. 

Tulone University ] 193 

194 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 195 

196 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 197 

Tulane University | 199 

200 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 201 

202 1 Tulane University 

Tulane University | 203 

204 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 205 

206 I Tulane University 

Tulane University | 207 

208 I Tulane University 

Tulane University 


210 I Tulane University 


Good work done. Good work to come. Yay! 
Love from Mom and Dad, John, Charlie, Willson 

yoQ reseaeJ iwe fropo the 

piTt o?your li?e. "Vamk you 
for feeing iwy fcest frieDcf 

s>DGf I'lvCsO'S tefelDg CsTTS of 

P3e. cNb PDi'tter hove tirecf 
you sire, you dv^syt let p:e 
Jrs'g you sfouDd ^ucfufeoD 
"p5>rfe. CoDgri'tuls'tioDS. 

you §fe gon^g to fee s* 
g.res't people Joctor, eN?eD 
though I thto-k you shoulcf 
hs>N?e feeeD i* A?etl 


Tulane University | 211 



wH^^^^^I ^ J^^l 




gf -^^^^^^HB 









Kr^<* .al^H 

/4f A ckild yovi^ aire^&r aoai um/S to bt "tke aiA-i wko swim/s with ShM4iM"...we are re-nUy aUd you 
ckcutged yotir mmd! We are ptf -^oud oftke -^imiyou kait b-eamte arui the -uwrld k a. heU&r 'pi<ice 
btcAMi^ you are Im it. Cmtayahdaiiam on hex,&mMUj a, fkyiician. We wi^ you all the mccea and 
hAp^U*ie^ lAt the -world. 
WUk mMx:A Love and ■pride, 
M&m.and Vad 

212 I Tulane University 


^ «^ 

Ml* i 1 





you are an originaC, aCways ceCehrate that. 
Continue to hrusfi away the cCouds and make 
tfie sun sfiine. yVe Cove you ancCare extremeCy 
j)roud of you. 

your JamiCy 

Tulane University 


joiA- 3tew«rt 0«ve the ■foilowl\A.c>) 
ad\/iot to reoeiA/t graduates., "L^ve 
wh«t Mou. do. <^et QDod at It. 
Co m.-peteiA.ce Ls « rcire com,m.odi.tM 
LiA. this daij a\A.d «ge. AiA.d Let the 
chips f a LL where they i/vt«y." youc'LL 
do grecit! we're so proutd of you.. 

The F«m, 

"AiA^drew do It!" 

Im^^ ^ ^t 

Outr respoiA^se s^ 
years l«ter: 

"AiA^drew did It!" 



m^W^ ^ 

CoiA,g ratu.LfltloiA/S, 
with love fliA^d -pride 
Mokvt, T>ad, MlchcieL 



CJiA.d ciLl yonrfcin^lLy 

oiA. you.r i^edlcflL school 


214 I Tulane University 

--Dr. Ari 

Ariane Lewis, you've had an incredible four years: 

























We couldn't be more prouding. 
Mom, Dad, Amanda, and Sam 

Tulane University 1 215 


To say that the last four years were eventful would be a gross misrepresentation of what you 

and the Class of 2008 have been through. It is obvious that you have all overcome some 

pretty tough obstacles to get where you are today. The Tulane Class of 2008 should be 

especially proud to stand up together at graduation, as you have stood together in the face of 

adversity like no other recent class from Tulane School of Medicine has had to do. We are all 

extremely proud of your accomplishments. 








Josh we are very proud of you and what you have been able to do in the last four years. We all 
know that you would have not been able to do all of this without your wife Amanda. She has been 

there for you and we all appreciate her support and the part she has played in this four year 

journey. You have made some wonderful friends along the way and should cherish their friendship 

for many years to come as you all follow different roads for the next few years. 


Congratulations, You have overcome the challenges that you faced, and despite those obstacles you 
achieved your life long goal to become a doctor. Dr. Joshua David Linnell . We love you and are 

very proud of you. 

Jim and Peggy Erxleben Mom and Dad Debbie Erxleben 

Grandma and Grandpa Noone Jacob 




216 I Tulane University 


Dr. Ronald McLendon, Jr. ! 

We are very proud of you! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Tulane University ] 217 


©szhind you, all your m^moriszs, 

Bizforsz you, all your dreams. 

t^round you, all who lovsz; you. 

Within you, all you nmd. 

W?; arsz §o proud of youl 

fill our lovsz, 

Mami &papi 

find your ^ntirsz fan^ily 


yoa'\?(^ bs2(2n my big sistizr 
through out thsz ygars, 

Wiz'vg laughgd tog2;ths2r 
find shizd somg tfsars. 

Wsz'vg had harsh words, 
find pullgd i,om^ hair 
But against thg world 
Wiz arjz a tgrrijic pair. 

f)r. Isyly!! 

I loV(2 you! 
Tin (2 

218 I Tulane University 


Scotty, my big brother, 

Congratulalions! The stqis that got you 
here have been an adventure for all of us. It all 
began with you insisting on giving me my rubber 
band "inoculations" in elementary school, then it 
was worrying about whether you would actually lock 
me in my locker in high school, next it was losing 
our appetites during dinner when you taught us all 
you had learned about microbiology at CSU. Then 
we watched with sad yet happy hearts as your truck 
turned the comer at the end of the street taking you 
to NOLA. Eating alligator sausage with you in the 
French Quarter, laughing (and my crying) our way 
through India, watching proudly as the professors 
tried to figure out how to give you your coat at the 
White Coat Ceremony. Crying with you after 
hurricane Katrina, hearing about the first baby you 
delivered and the first patient you lost. It has been a 
long journey to get here and 1 look forward to going 
through the next adventures with you. 
Dr. Potty, BFO, I cannot tell you how proud 1 am of 
you and how lucky I am to be your sister. 

I love you! 

Cheryl Barrel 

Congratulations, Scott, on graduating from 
Med school. I know this has meant years 
of study and hard work on your part and 
it's an achievement you can be proud of 
Love and best wishes. 
Aunt Marge 

Congratulations on a job well done. 
I am reminded of a quote by 
Desmond Tutu which says 
"You are a wonderful 
person - become what you are" 

Uncle Norm 

You are the first person 
in our family to graduate from 
Medical School. You've 
spent 22 short years following your 
calling and the love of your life's work 
to be. You have always been a hearty 
partier and an extremely hard worker. 
You have the ability to know the 
difference and keep the two separated. 
May you keep your love for your 
vocation and may it never 
become work for you. We 
are all very proud of you! 
Uncle Fred and family 


Congratulations! Way to go! 
1 am truly proud of you. 1 can 
only imagine how tough and 
long med school is. That is a 
huge accomplishment and you 
should feel proud and relieved 
too. All of your hard work will 
pay oflf down the road. Do 
well in your residency! 
P.S. If you need any kids to 
do research on, let me know. 
I know where you can get two! 


I wish you the best as you go forth. 
Love, Dan 

Looking toward the future. 


When you were about 12 years old 
And had that long gash in your leg. 
You watched the doctor stitch it up 
And were fascinated as he pointed 
Out the different layers of skin. That 
Should have been our 1" clue as to 
Where you were headed. 
Congratulations on yet another great 
Accomplishment. I love you. 
Your proud Dad 


Years ago you set your sights and pinned 
your dreams on a star and that star 
continues to shine brilliantly. 
Congratulations on your graduation from 
med school, words can't convey my 
admiration and love for you and what you 
have done! You have already accomplished 
what most people only dream of doing and 
you have done it your way!! 
All my love. Mom 


We have always had special thoughts 
for you since you were a little boy. 
We like your gentle ways and appreciated 
the way you liked to leam new things. 
You always had an underlying self 
confidence that was never about yourself 
and being comfortable with who you are. 
These traits have developed over the years 
and made you into the man you are today. 
A big, tall, loving, caring nephew who we 
are so happy for. . . .you have worked very 
hard to become a Doctor, but you are much 
more than just a title, you are a complete 
person with a lot to offer to all who are 
lucky enough to know you. We love you, 
we are proud of you, we pray for a happy 
and fulfilling life for yoiL 
All our love. 

Uncle Larry and Aunt Karen 
We couldn't be more proud of you. 
We are just amazed at all the 
accomplishments you've made 
over these years and have absolutely 
no doubt that the medical profession 
is receiving a tremendous doctor! 
The best of luck to you in the future! 

Love, Cousin Katherine, Bru, 
Kari, Jaycie and Baylie 

I could not possibly express my pride 
when talking about you as a friend. 
Your accomplishments have been 
phenomenal. Growing up together 
I always knew of you as a kind and 
gentle soul, someone I could relate to. 
You've taken that "I'm too shy for 
sleepovers" character and opened 
yourself to the entire world, by 
displaying yourself as a huge 
contributor and friend to all people 
atoimd you. You now hold the tools 
and theory to do exactly what you've 
desired— help others. I can't wait to 
see what lies ahead and look forward 
to spending time with you as a playmate 
and friend in our adult years. 
Your friend always, 

Tulane University | 219 

has tr-u/y d/ia/iQ&d yout /i-f<°. i^Gtds aa^not (°><pt(°S3 

G/ur ■fa/>iiiy. l^<^ h<^jp<^ 7^/iat y^u dGjnt'i jnu&. y^ut dt&a/yiS 
a^d aicoays r&/on&/yn/^e.t that th& sky ^ th& /i/y?it! 

/aJ& r~<° Sg ptGud G-f /^Gth G-f yGU a^d IgV^. yGi^ v&ty /yjU(zh) 

MG/yi^ J) ad) L&s/ie. a^d ^u/ie. 


"If it's tiue that you are the company you keep, 
then Scott I look forward to being kind hearted, 
open minded, dam smart and loved! 
Sorry, you'll have to get the looks from my 
company. Congratulations my friend, love you!" 

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling 
but in rising every time we fall." 

- Confucius 
May you always rise to the occasion! 
We celebrate this wonderful 
accomplishment with you and delight 
in the fiiture that is yours! 

Eric, Kristin, Kaleah, Ellie, 
Kendall and Evan 


It has been a true pleasure to know you 

throughout the years. To see you put so 

much time and dedication into your future 

is truly a beautiful thing. 1 am proud of what 

you have accomplished and hold you in the greatest 

esteem. You stand on the precipice of a bright, new, 

shiny future and 1 envy you for everything you will 

experience in your lifetime. It will be a hard, 

exciting, tense, life-changing, special time for you 

and I know it will be worth every hard fought piece 

of body and soul that you have expended getting 

there. Thank you for being the kind of person that I 

am proud to show my son as a role model - 

someone who set his eyes on a goal and makes sure 

that it is met. Cheers to you my friend. 



~Pnc future is now. 

220 I Tulane University 


You were just four when first you said, 

"A doctor shall I be." 
And Mom and 1 said to ourselves, 

"Well, we'll just wait and see." 

But as you grew in age and grace 

And went from grade to grade, 

Not for a moment did you change 

The "choice" that you had "made." 

From first grade on, you kept your course 
As on your way you went- 

Through middle school and high school years. 
We saw no change in bent. 

Once candy striper volunteer. 

At thirteen years of age. 
Then EMT technician-trained, 

Phlebotomist next stage. 

A stint as Nurse Assistant then. 

You added to the list, 
And Mom and I said to ourselves 

Perhaps we've got the gist. 

And yet we thought once college-bound. 
New choices you might find. 

But never through those college years. 

Did you once change your mind. 

One summer off you went to help 

In clinics for the poor; 
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, 

Determined and so sure. 

No hesitation did we see 

-Your applications flew 
To schools of medicine 

You thought were right for you. 

When next we blinked, off you had gone- 
Tulane had said "do come"; 

And here you are, four years now past, 
A doctor, and then some! 

For on the way you met a friend, 

A fellow-student who 
Decided that he liked your style. 

And so, proposed to you. 

And now two docs have we all got. 
The Doctors Reader who 

Shall surely make their healing mark. 
No longer one, but two. 

Are you the girl of only four, 

Who said to us long past, 

"A doctor shall I be one day", 

A day that's here at last. 

Our dearest Sara, Michael, too. 

We cannot tell you true 
The joy and pride that fills our hearts. 

On this great day-your due! 

Go forth, lockstep, to treat and heal. 

For you have sworn by oath, 
"To do no harm"' along the way. 

A bond that binds you both! 


Our dearest Sara: No words can begin to express the joy, exhilaration, and pride that we feel on this wonderftil 
occasion! We have loved you from the first moment we held you as an infant, and feel so lucky that we were 
able to share so many happy days with you over the years. We have watched you grow, and rejoiced at each of 
your accomplishments up to this exciting time in your life! You are a gifted and compassionate woman who 
will make a terrific doctor! Your Grandpa Sam always knew you would do well, and we are aware that he 
continues to watch over you, looking down on you now with great pride and love. We know, too, that he is 
surely pleased with your wonderful husband, Michael, whose sense of humor would delight him. How quickly 
we have all came to love Michael, and have happily welcomed him into our family. We have double cause to 
rejoice as you both receive your MD degrees. Your dream, Sara, has come true because you worked so hard 
and diligently to make it happen. We know your lives together will be very fi-uitful. You and Michael both 
are very loving and will work hard as doctors to help those who come to you. 
Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Geoff 

Sara: I'm so happy for you on graduating and becoming a doctor. We're more than first cousins; you are the 
big sister I never had - 1 have always looked up to you. I wish that Mom were here to celebrate this wonderful 
day. Along with all of us, she would love Michael, too. Congratulations! Susie 

Sara: What a great day! I know your Aunt Judy is looking down, along with your Grandpa, and delighting in 
your accomplishment. 1 wish you and Michael much success. Uncle Irwin 

Tulane University | 221 



Congratulations Amanda! 




This is just tlie beginning of a wonderful future. I wish you success, happiness and of | 
course, health. 

^ love, 
I Perek 


Ouir Lom'lly 0n y&uir airciauaH0n Uffirt M^Jitxi/ 

'^f^Oifl' hme, we oife '$0 ofoud 01 y0u. lAle lAJi'fl^ 
y0u l^appine'$4 ana 4uo<>e'$4 

AK 0ui> l0ve, 

'T/f0y, Aw crna Manay 

9/ou^xo€ neio- mea/im^ to- tn& te/yw 

Til I Tulane University 



'/[£ €ccchrLA<-^ftM^f^' 

'(Hu' {^r€4/uttu>^v j77)ift^ m£AJ-C{to sc/t 

itiiOitS O^V 

/^(H^Cy A^lchfty 7Da/iy IDclVui/ ^CSSLCdy Jo^SCHiy /{vi:iy f\cir(t^ 

Tulane University | 223 

Co^grati^laPms DocPor Quan Nguifen. 

We are so proi^d of ijoi^ and the sacrifices ijoh liave made Po 
pi^rsi^e til is nolple profession. As ijoi^ Ipegin ijoi^r residencij, 
we are si^re i^liaP i^om will contini^e to do great things. We 
wish ifOM the hest luci: in the fi^fyre 

■SB^P^ iiiil Love i^OM lots, 

mi- ^ \^ % iiii Mom, Dad Qi^i^nh and Stephen 

g- — 

Doctor Jennifer Galiour 

— ^ 


Congratu ations!!!! 

Every time we say it, we share in the joy of 
your achievements. 

You have done wonderful and you will be 
a great Doctor! 

Best wishes in your career. 

MOM and DAD 



224 I Tulane University 

Congratulations Scott! what an amazing four years it's been - Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, a 
puppy, an evacuation, surprise visits from family and friends, Tahoe, St. John, trying 
out every restaurant in town, and of course med school, lots of highs and lows, but as 

long as I'm with you, that's all I need, i'm incredibly proud of your accomplishment and 

love you very much, xoxox kate 

What a journey; from your first haircut, to the prankster, to Colby, to Mr. MD. We are 
in awe and our hearts are bursting with pride and joy. Kate, thank you for your love 

and support. You are an amazing team. 

All our love and congratulations, 
Mom, Dad, Jay, Seth, Pete, Mary and Bill 

I JeJia-ofe Hi'f aa-a-cmpii^fihiet^/' h my afOndLdheir, l^iKiom Tuokeir, 

wl^o<ie aenefU'fliy artJ ^hema- w/prk eHi^ I aaMte qm emi^me. 

I ol^o Honk K\y Ldm'ily and Lfiena^ Leif Heh uni^javeirina' (sve ana 4uppSirr rhoi^a^iPi^f my li^e, 

e4pee-ic)((y He^e po4r jjWir yecif'}. 

i^C'fl' impOf^anHy I dm ^ah^ul h Ka^e, he love o^ my (i^e, fjOir a(woy4 belna^ Here Issr me. VtAinn^ He ^nJ 

Hme4 QnJ had, QnJ every/'fiina- in hehjeen, •^/^ /i?^ been oK Hor I ever neeJeJ and more. 

i^lH Uove, '^i>sH' 

Tulane University | 225 



o A?<^u^ o/ M€*£€^ €107^ £/€tteO €ic^^i*&rpze^z^. %.^^&^ 

ctyiee/ n^zue i/^t^ Aftednea fne€/ec€i/y ticAoo/ ioe^^ cfO€£ A^ta^^ -o^^^zeV 

Well, MisPif. {mi^ 'laPe' child). 

Gjodsent ifou to us to save mij life and salvage mij 
dreams and ijou did Just that in so mani^ waifs. I 
rememherSaturdaif rounds with if ou drawing hunnif 
ral^hits and them 'BEST DADDItS. ' Well. I am 
stilljumping (because of ifou and now ifou will soon he 
making if our own rounds. To saif I am proud of if ou is 
not enough. I?ecause ifou have achieved so much and 
ifou have tremendous talent. Mse it wiselif. Carrif 
the torch and to thine own selfl^e true (qod hiess. 

All mif love for eternitif. 

226 I Tulone University 


MarLf Jo 

Visions, dreams do come true- 

Mom. Dad Colleen and Alex, 

Tulane University | 227 

Nsn Money indicates: "The average cost ol raising a child 
in the united states is $250,000." 

So how come it cost soooooo much more to raise 

But, you were worth every penny. We are so proud ol 
your accompiishments. Good things do happen to good 

love, Mom & Dad 

228 I Tulane University 

Your Yellow Brick Road 

On a path quite unknown - far, far from home - 
alone - you began your journey. The course you 
I followed - often changing - brought companions - 
along the way. 

The first was 'Purpose' - which lead your way I 
- allowed the path to vary - but fixed the 

Next came 'Knowledge' - ever growing - path 
provided - yet gained through dedication to work 
and determination to succeed. 
( 'Courage' joined -as you met each new 

i : adversity - as the path twisted and turned - 1 
a ' strength, character, and perseverance. 

Quietly without warning 'Compassion' came|_ 
jf' along - born of recognition - the needs of others - i'^JtZ. 
'' your gift to them. 

These companions arrived at the end of the I 
path in search of the ONE that could fulfill the] 
'Purpose'. The ONE is you, the path was yours, the 
companions are the essence of who you have^. 
become, and the 'Purpose' is that talent and gift you j 
s will share with others 

- Dr. James Robert Giddings. 

Your great achievement is magnified by the^ ^ ^^tf 
quality of your person. We can possess no greater SB Jtr^ 
. pride, no greater admiration and most of •=■" "'^ ' ^^ 
greater love than we have for you. 

Tulane University | 229 

con^mtPitiitlonSf to tAc 

cta&s 0^ 2008 


Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Pharmaceuticals 'Therapeutics • Healthcare • Ethicare • IVIanaqed Care • Specialty Sales 

1 ^ 


Congratulations to the 
Tulane Class of 2008 

Dedication to the highest standards of achievement helped 
you reach your goals. At Karl Storz Endoscopy, we've 
embraced that same ideal for more than 60 years. 

Endoscopy is all we do. Our products prove advanced 
design, precision craftmanship, and clinical effectiveness 
will outlast shortsighted trends. 

Quality is not disposable. Call us at (800) 421-0837. 


Karl Storz Endoscopy 

230 I Tulane University 

'pngratulations, Graduates! 

From Kindred Hospital New Orleans 

Kindred Hospital New Orleans is a long-term acute care hospital, 
offering a full range of ser\ices for patients whose medically complex 
conditions require the specialized care and prolonged recovery time 
that conventional short-term acute care hospitals are not equipped to 
provide. We are proud citizens of New Orleans and we congratulate 

this year's "raduatcs of Tulane University School of Medicine. 

Kindred THospital 

New Orleans 

3601 Coliseum Street 

New Orleans, Louisiana 701 15 


504.894.7679 fax 



Frcdcntk U Kcppcl. .MD 

Tulane llnivtnily (irni'rat Surgery Inifnulii/t lOHt-fii 
Titltinf Uiiiivnity Onhoiiaedic Siirneiy Kruili-ncy ]W2-l'fKf> 

Slidell Memorial Hospital has the latest technology, a thriving community. 

and a staff dedicated to providing the best healthcare. Our recent 
technology investments include a 64-slice CY scanner, an ImageGulded 
Radiation Therapy (IGFTT) system and digital mammography— with a new 
regional state-of-the-art Cancer Center opening in 2009. Slidell is rapidly 
growing and so is our community hospital. We can assist physicians with 
employment or joining an established group. Come visit us and find out 
what 9idell Memorial Hospital has to offer you. 


Slidell Memorial Hospital 


Graduating Class of 2008 
Tulane University School of Medicine 


on all you have accomplished and 

all you hope to achieve in the future. 





Tulane University | 231 


a division of 

West Jefferson Medical Center 

The Family Doctors has a few practice openings 

The Family Doctors is a division of West Jefferson Medical Center, a community 
hospital located in Marrero, Louisiana, just 10 minutes from downtown New 

Owned and operated by West Jefferson since 1987, the practice has grown 
from one small doctor's office to five spacious clinics in neighborhoods across 
the West Bank of Jefferson Parish. 

A leader in practice development since its inception, The Family Doctors imple- 
mented Electronic Medical Records for Its patients in 1999. Accredited by the 
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), our 
family of doctors is comprised of 16 physicians in the specialties of Family 
Practice, Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine/Pediatrics. 

Open weekdays with some Saturday morning and weekday extended hours, the 
Family Doctors offers primary care medical services for Jefferson Parish and 
neighboring communities. Physicians share in a call rotation to be supported by 
hospitalists in the near future. Marketing assistance is available to physicians 
while the individual practice base is developed. 

An attractive benefit package and compensation plan includes paid days off, a 
wellness program and fitness center membership, life insurance, retirement 
plan, continuing medical education assistance and an incentive plan. 

The practice is supported by nurses together with ancillary personnel. A host of 
health care professionals including laboratory and imaging staff credentialed in 
their respective disciplines round out the staffing. 

To learn more about what The Family Doctors has to offer, call Michael Burleson 
at (504) 349-6990. 

232 I Tulane University 




Tulane University Medical School 
Graduating Class of 2008 

With 161 years of dedication to the advancement of 

dermatology worldwide, Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. is proud 

to join in the celebration of your success and 

future achievements! 

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 

Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. Coral Gabies, FL 33134 1-888-STiEFEL (784-3335) 
©2007, Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved. STI-18-2007-USA 





Dedicated people 

improving the 

health of patients 

through unsurpassed 

diagnostic insights 

and innovation. 

Quest Diagnostics 

Nationally Recognized, Locally Committed ™ 

As the nation's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and 
services, Quest Diagnostics offers the broadest range of innovative diagnostic 
services to meet the needs of you and your doctor. 

So, when your doctor wants you to have a health related test, count on 
Quest Diagnostics. With patient service centers in Mississippi, Louisiana and 
Texas, finding a location convenient to you will never be a problem. 

For more information on our services, speak to your physician or visit us at 
www.questdiagnostics . com 

4^fk Quest 

t/^3 Diagnostics 

Tulane University | 233 

Congratulations graduates, 
from your friends at 


Advancing wound care through 
science and education. 




To the graduates ofTulane University 
School of Medicine 

Stay connected with ON-Q® 

Register on our site and let us knovi where you're headed. 
Log on to and recieve your ON-Q gift. 



It is our privilege to help you Redefine Recovery™ 
with significonfly better post-op pain relief. 

I ^(ON-Q 


' Redefining Recovery'^ 

Rn only. OfW, ofd FiinBwia are regBtc(e<i troJemiiks of l-Flov/ CtHpoiDtion, Rederining Recoveiy is a tiotleiiiotk of !-f low Corporation, 



Family Practice and 
Internal Medicine Residents 

Exciting opportunities for 
Primary Care Physicians: 

In an effort to meet tfie hiealthicare needs of the 
metropolitan New Orleans area, EJGH is expanding 
its network of primary care phiysicians as thie 
community continues to rebuild. 

Tfiis is an opportunity to be involved in the evolution 
of healthcare delivery as the region continues to 
re-establish its healthcare infrastructure. 

Email your resume to : 

East Jefferson General Hospital 




234 I Tulane University 

It s now in the palm of your hands. 


<. -* 

Continued training. Active mentoring. Access to excellence. 

We understand what you really want when 
starting a new career in home health or 
hospice care. To reach your career goals. To 
be challenged. To earn a connpetitive salary 
and to have access to the latest training and 
technology at all times. 

At Amedisys, we're looking for special 

clinicians exactly lile you to set the standard 
in clinical excellence. Those who want to join 
one of the fastest-Q»wing companies In the 

Are you ready to enter a workplace where 
you can reach your fullest potential? We're 
ready for you. A 

To view or apply for a listing of positions available now, please visit or e-mail your resume to 


Home Health Services ^ ^ 

Tulane University 



HEALTHCARE. Where you could be. 

lASIS Hospitals offer the finest aspects of medical practice in appealing locations. Our 
facilities continue to keep pace with the growing needs of our surrounding communities in 
Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas. Join us in an environment where your skills will truly make a 
difference. Employment and Private Practice arrangements available. 

Glenwood Regional Medical Center's proud tradition of 
providing high-qualit/ healthcare started more than forty 
years ago. Over the years, the hospital has grown in size, 
adding new services and modern technology, but you'll still 
find the same family-oriented, friendly service that's been the 
cornerstone of this community hospital since the day it opened. 
Glenwood is nationally recognized for quality, especially in 
the area of cardiology, and consistently scores high In patient 

This 244-bed hospital offers PAC System, ICU unit, 6-bed 
CV/ICU unit and CV Telemetry unit and is the only full- 
sen/ice hospital in West Monroe, LA. The facility draws from 
a 1 2-parish service area, and receives great support from 
the hospital Board and Administration, the community, and 
corporate support from lASIS Healthcare. West Monroe is one 
of the twin cities of northeast Louisiana, and the area offers a 
wide array of housing options, schools, and churches. 

Please e-mail CV:, fax: 615-467-1293 or call the 
lASIS Physician Recruiting Department at 877-844-2747, ext. 1288. 



• Heart and Vascular Institute 

• Women's and Children's 

• Cancer Center 

• Emergency Medicine 

• Diagnostic Imaging 

• Rehabilitation Sen/ices 

• Sleep Apnea Center 

• Diabetes Care 

Currently seeking the 
following specialties: 





236 I Tulane University 

idland Memorial Hospital is a full service, state of the 
art facility featuring a broad range of practices includ- 
ing cardiology, neurology, vascular surgery, oncology, 
internal medicine, pulmonology and many more. 
Located hialfway between Fort Worth and El-Paso, 

idland Memorial Hospital offers a hospitalist program 
which allows physicians to spend more time in their 
offices. If you're looking for a high-tech, cutting-edge 
facility, but wish to stay out of the hustle and bustle of 
big city life, Midland Memorial Hospital is the perfect 
hospital for you! 

Midland Afemog o/ Hospital, , , 

a place togrow^ people you 11 love. 

• Award-winning Heart Institute 

• Leading edge vascular surgery & interventional 
radiology/ -— .. 

• Comprehensive cancer services 

• Level three trauma center 

• Regional center of excellence in orthopedics 

• Dedicated campus for women and children 

• State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology 

• Joint Commission certified 

• Texas Tech Residency 

• Stipend program available 




Your home for healthcare 


For more information on job opportunities or to submit an application contact: 

Jack Mangan, Director of Physician Recruitment 

(432) 522-3029 

2200 W. Illinois Avenue 

Midland TX, 79701 

Tulane University | 237 



Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Advancing Treatment in Gastroenterology" 


1^/ioviPrep Co 


(PEG-3350, Soim SuKate, Soim Ciiide, Potassiom Cliioride, 


isodiyin phospliate (nonobasic fnonotiydrate, USP 

and sodium pliosptiate dibasic anliydroos, USP) Tablets 


(rif aximin) tablets 200 mg 

238 1 Tulane University 


Choose One of the Most Trusted Names in Medicine 

At Scott & White, we maintain a 111-year inistory of providing 
the most advanced, personalized and comprehensive healthcare 
available. Working with Scott & White, you'll experience the 
latest medical technology and procedures with the brightest 
minds in healthcare. 

Scott & White is the largest multi-specialty academic medical 
center in Texas, with more than 600 physicians and research 
scientists caring for patients at the Scott & White Memorial 
Hospital & Clinic in Temple and 22 regional clinics networked 
throughout Central Texas. 

Led by physicians with a commitment to patient care, education 
and research, Scott & White has been listed among Thomson's 
100 Top Hospitals* for five years and serves as the clinical 
education site for The Texas A&M Health Science Center 
College of Medicine. 



Competitive salary, 
insurance, four weeks 
annual vacation, three 
weeks paid CME, faculty 
appointments at Texas 
A&M Health Science 
Center, and more. 


Central Texas offers 
affordable living, nationally 
recognized school systems, 
ample outdoor recreational 
activities and nearby 
cultural centers. 

2401 S. 31st Street I Temple, TX 76508 

To learn more about Scott & White, visit For more career opportunities, visit 

'JOOSTImmoii lOOTop Hospnali \ Scotl 6-Whitc is An Eq^ja! Opportunity Empla)rr \ Tohncco-Prcc Environment 

Tulane University 



■P^ LD 5427 T101 v.27 2008 


Tulane University 

Rudolph Matas Medical Library 

1430 Tulane Avenue (SL-S6) 

New Orleans, LA 70112-2699 


Tulane Univcniily 

ROMDHfl Mmfi"^